Community Engagement Project


CIVIC CENTER TV (Comcast channel 15, AT&T channel 99)

  • over 100 live meetings
  • public safety information
  • parks and recreation opportunities
  • candidate forums
  • Oakland County government
  • Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society
  • Henry Ford Hospital
  • environmental issues
  • local businesses
  • Michigan Week Breakfast
  • Lakes Area Memorial Day Parade
  • CLICK HERE to view the Commission’s “Vision for Civic Center TV”
  • CLICK HERE to view the Commission’s “Policies for the Operation of Civic Center TV”


On behalf of subscribers with concerns or questions regarding their cable service, achieving 100% resolution of customer service issues and inquiries directed to the Commission

For changes in federal legislation and Michigan Public Act 480 to benefit the communities and  residents

Support litigation to protect local cable services such as Civic Center TV and school district channels


Ensure that operators (AT&T and Comcast) are complying with federal law, FCC rules, and Michigan Public Act 480